Tips for an Easy Move!

Moving can be STRESSFUL! Sure, it’s exciting starting an exciting adventure in a new house, but we all know that packing up and moving can be so hard! We are here to help with some great tips that can not only make moving a little easier, but maybe even fun! 


Purge before you pack! This is so key! Packing up all of your belongings is hard enough, but when it also means finding room in your boxes for all of those little trinkets that you’ve collected along the way, it makes it even harder to move! Spend some time to through all of your things and donating or throwing out all of the junk like broken items you never threw away, old kitchen things that you’ve never used once, those extra mugs (you know you have too many!!), and even old clothes. It might sound like more work, but this will make packing — and even unpacking — so much easier!

Don’t forget to pack an essentials bag. This is HUGE! When you’re in the middle of that hectic move, nothing is going to feel better than knowing that you know exactly where all of your toiletries, chargers, changes of clothes are so you can just take a minute to breath! Theres nothing worse than finally moving in and then realizing your toothbrush is nowhere to be found!

Start early—but not too early! Make sure you’ve really thought through your moving day. Create a schedule that works best for you as well as your moving company if you’re using one. Obviously start packing in advance, but you’ll want to make sure its not too far in advance! It can be so tempting to start packing early when you’re so excited to move into a new place! However, packing early can often times mean packing up things that you’ll need, and living out of boxes earlier than you need! The timeframe that you’ll need is completely what feels comfortable to you. Some people can completely pack up a home within two weeks! But many people need as many as 6 weeks to pack! Make sure that you give yourself enough time to not feel that frantic stress! 


Label your boxes the right way. Unpacking those dozens of boxes is hard enough, but 100 times harder when your dishes end up in the living room, and your bath towels are in the kitchen! When you take the time to label each box (extra points if you color-code!), you’re going to make your life much easier after you’ve moved! You could even go the extra mile and write brief descriptions on each box of what is inside. Another great labeling tip is to always label the sides of your boxes for easy access if your boxes are stacked! 

Do your research on moving companies! Read those reviews. Seriously. Moving is stressful enough without dealing with a moving company that doesn’t meet your needs! We recommend going professional. Of course your going to find dozens of so-called “moving companies,” that are just some random people looking to make quick cash. Go ahead and use a professional, licensed service. And don’t forget to read the fine print! you’ll want to know their damage policies and what they will/won’t move. 


And of course, ENJOY it! Of course moving is downright exhausting, but you’re embarking on a new and exciting season of your life! Take some time to really enjoy it. Get some take out for dinner with your roommates, family, partner, or yourself and just relax! Moving is a big deal, and it’s so easy to let the stress and planning take over. Being mindful and setting time aside to wind down can really make moving so much more fun! 

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