Seattle Summer Hikes You Won't Want to Miss


The Northwest is beautiful for so many reasons! Yes, it can be a little rough through those rainy autumn and spring days, but when summertime hits there is no where more beautiful than our Pacific Northwest!! While there is an abundance of fantastic local events all over the greater Seattle area — you know we love our local events! — hiking is another one of our favorite ways to enjoy this beautiful place! 

One of the best parts about the hikes in and around Seattle, is that there is a hike for everyone! Whether you’re on a fun afternoon outing with your small children, or looking for a three day backpacking adventure, there is the perfect trail for you! 

Day Hikes

These hikes are perfect for Seattleites or visitors looking for a fun way to get out of town, see some nature, and even get in a workout! These hikes are moderate to difficult, and will give you the full Northwest experience.


Rattlesnake Ledge — If you’re a Seattle native, you’ve probably already hit this popular spot! This Snoqualmie hike is perfect for those hikers looking for a great half day trip at a moderate difficulty level! This trail is a great 4 mile (5 if you’re headed for the Middle Ledge) round trip, and if you don’t mind a busy trail, the views are worth the journey! 


Mount Pilchuck — Though this 4.8 mile hike is rated as “difficult,” this high-incline hike is extremely popular due to its sunning views. You’ll never be short of fantastic scenery, and when you’ve finally reached the top, you’ll find an old fire lookout tower and a breathtaking panoramic view. If you’re looking for a hike that will blow you away with beauty, this is the hike for you!


Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain — This Issaquah hike is a fantastic hike that leads to a beautiful grass field which is used as a paragliding launching pad; and also perfect for a mid-hike picnic! The traditional trail is a 7.2 mile hike, but if you’re up for it, there is a 3.8 trail (Chirco Trail) that will take you to the top, however, it is much steeper! 

Kid-friendly Hikes

Seattle is a fantastic area to find several hikes that are enjoyable for every age! What is amazing is that these hikes is that they’re easy to choose a distance that is comfortable for you! 


Carkeek Park — This Northwest Seattle park is amazing for families who are looking for some nature, and also activities! With a total of 6 miles of trails, your family can enjoy a beautiful, easy hike, and check out the playground, beach access, and more! 


Pretzel Tree Trail — We love this Issaquah trail not only because of its beauty, but also because it is so perfect for kids! This 0.3 mile loop is equipped with educational signs, and a beautiful path. If you still want more, the area contains other trails for exploring!


Discovery Park Loop Trail — This popular path is a perfect day trip for young explorers and learners! This Seattle park not only has a family friendly 2.8 trail loop, but also has an Environmental Learning Center and a playground! 

Backpacking Trails

Here are some fantastic trips for all of you extreme hikers out there! These trails are nothing short of epic. Remember to do your research before doing any sort of backpacking trip on a trail you are unfamiliar with, no matter how experienced you may be! If you’re up for the task, these trails will take your breath away!


Ozette to Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park — This 30 mile round-trip hike is an absolutely stunning and unique beach hike. You'll never be short of beautiful views, and variety of terrain. This is perfect for experienced backpackers who are looking for a wildly adventurous trip.


Foggy Lake/Gothic Basin, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest — If take-your-breath-away views and a solid work out is what you love, then this is the hike for you. Though it’s only 9.2 miles round trip, this difficult trek can be done either in one day, or more. 


Spider Meadow-Buck Creek Pass Loop, Glacier Peak Wilderness — This whopping 40 mile hike is sure to be nothing short of an epic adventure. With meadows, glaciers, mountains, and more, this journey is the ultimate Northwest nature tour.