Why We Love Woodinville, WA




Seattle is often stereotyped as bunch of tech hippies, sipping coffee in the rain, right? Actually, we’ll own that reputation - we’re pretty fine with it! But you probably didn’t know that Seattle loves their wine and beer just as much as they love coffee — it’s true! There’s a whole other elegant side to Seattle you may not know about.

One of our absolute favorite areas in the Greater Seattle area is Woodinville. This picturesque town, just 20 miles northeast of Seattle, is well known as the wine lovers heaven. Woodinville, Washington is home to 118 wineries, 14 microbreweries, and 30 restaurants & eateries. If that doesn’t sound like an incredible city to visit, or even live in, we don’t know what does! 

Local Wines


The best part about enjoying a day in Woodinville wineries is that you’ll be enjoying local Washington wine. Washington actually has an amazing wine region, and is where many of the wineries from Eastern Washington have come and setup shop to show all us Seattleites what they have to offer. Washington State is divided by the Cascade Mountain Range. To the West is Seattle and to the East is Eastern Washington. Eastern Washington has a warm, arid climate with sandy, gravelly soils - really the ideal environment for grapes. And let me tell you, Washington has some absolutely amazing wines.

Over 100 Tasting Rooms


So you may be wondering how over 100 tasting rooms fit themselves into lil’ ole’ Woodinville? The area is actually split into split into 4 districts, or areas. Warehouse district is home to at least 1/3 of the tasting rooms including Mark Ryan’s Board Track Racer line of wines. There’s the downtown district, the West Valley district, and the Hollywood District. The Hollywood District got its name from the old Hollywood Farm and the Hollywood Schoolhouse still located in the heart of this area. The Hollywood District grew up around Washington’s first winery, Chateau Ste Michelle, and now features more than 40 wineries. There’s also a number of breweries, restaurants and a luxury hotel – Willows Lodge – that call the Hollywood District home.

Top Notch Neighborhoods and Schools


Another part of Woodinville that we absolutely adore are the neighborhoods. This city is the home to a multitude of quiet, spacious, community-driven neighborhoods, such as Aspenwood, and the Farm. Many of these neighborhoods include large lots with equestrian opportunities such as pastures, barns, and even riding arenas. These little communities really amazing. You can tell that the homeowners take pride in caring for their homes as you drive through and observe the manicured lots and friendly neighbors out for a stroll. Aside from the beautiful homes and estates, the schools in Woodinville are actually in one of the most highly rated district in the greater Seattle area. This city really is an incredible place to settle down with a family, retire and enjoy the wineries, or just spend the day exploring! 

Our Favorite Wine Tasting Tips


Since there are SO many wineries in Woodinville, it can be hard to know what the best way to do an evening of tasting! Here are a few of our favorite tips to make your time in Woodinville easy and fun!

Spread your day out to enjoy the tastings. You get about 5 samples in one tasting, so usually I can do about 3 tastings if I spread them out a bit. If you came here every weekend and visited 3 tasting rooms, it would take you 40 weekends to try all the wineries!

Focus on one district at a time. By focusing on one district at a time, you will have the advantage of parking your car once and walking to a variety of tasting rooms! This will make your day simple and you’ll have more time to enjoy the wineries rather than look for parking and figuring out where to go next!

Don’t forget about the smaller wineries. Although there are some fabulous big name wineries here, there also some fun boutique wineries where you’re likely to have the winemaker themselves pour you a glass of his or her finest

Local Events in Woodinville

So obviously we love Woodinville, but the best way to experience all that this beautiful city has to offer is by attending the amazing local events. What we love so much about the local event network here is that because of the massive amount of wineries and restaurants, Woodinville has live music nights, kid friendly events, or date nights. There truly is an event for everyone! Below are a few of our favorites coming up! 

Sip and Succulents @ Ambassador Winery, Woodinville

Fri, Sep 28, 6:00pm

Run or Wine 5k, October 2018 @ Rocky Pond Winery, Woodinville, WA

Sat, Oct 13, 2:30pm

Olive Me Loves Olive You! Winery Event @ Chateau Ste. Michelle Visitors Center

Sat, Oct 20, 1:00PM

We hope you have the chance to enjoy these amazing wineries and neighborhoods in Woodinville! Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you find your dream home in Woodinville, or just learn more about what this amazing city has to offer!