Why We Love Local Events

Your home is not just the house you live in! It is the neighborhood where you get your groceries, take your kids to school, and enjoy a nice dinner out. It’s where you make friends, and go to community events, and participate in activities. Participating in events in and around your neighborhood will create an even stronger bond between you and your family, and the place you call home! 

In the greater Seattle area, we have an amazing opportunity. There are dozens and dozens of neighborhoods, and sub-cities all throughout the King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties. When you’re busy driving to and from work everyday, it can be hard to have a reason to go visit all of these unique areas. What better way to get to know these fun areas than going to the Fremont fair and parade, the Cabaret in Renton, or the Edmonds art fair! It is such privilege that we have here in Seattle, and it is so important to spend some time seeing new things, and meeting new people! We love going to new neighborhoods and joining in on their fun. 


The best part of community events is that there is something for everyone. There are beer cruises, children’s museum activities, and even symphonies! We love that every member of the family can experience the wonderful communities of Seattle. Take the time to participate in these things, and we promise, you will create lasting memories. 

At Alise Roberts and Company, we aren’t your average Real Estate agents. We are agents that care about building community. When we work with you to find your dream home, or sell your current home to move to your dream home, we want to make sure that it is the perfect fit for you in each and every way. It is so esseintial you not only find the house you’ve been searching for, but also a community that you can thrive in!


Are you house hunting in new neighborhoods that you're unfamiliar with? What better way to explore possible new neighborhoods than to go and see what they’re all about! Events truly are a phenomenal way to check out areas where you might be looking at houses. You can get such a clear sense of what that particular community enjoys and values just by attending local events.

Finding community events can be hard! There are Facebook groups, flyers and posters, or word of mouth is enough, but it’s easy to miss out on things. We want to make finding events in your neighborhood as easy as possible. We are so excited to finally launch our events section on AliseRoberts.com! Our dream is to create a unique sense of community by posting local events to our website every Monday, so that you’ll always know where to go to find neighborhood and community events.

We have organized the events by sub-area of the greater Seattle area (Seattle, Eastside, Northend, and Southend), so that you can easily see what is around you, or what could be a fun day trip. Trust us, if you live over in West Seattle, you’re not going to want to miss fun events like Bellevue's Delille Date Night at Wild Ginger! 

Be sure to head over to our Local Events page to see all of this weeks events!