3 Reasons Video Marketing is Essential


When it comes to selling your home, video marketing is so crucial. Videos are a vital step that takes a home from just another house on the street, to a stand-out property. Using videos can allow your home to be memorable, look more high quality, and appeal to the modern age of home buyers! A picture can only do so much, when you engage a viewer with video you are leaving a much stronger mark so that they will be sure to keep your house in mind!

Video marketing helps create an overall higher quality sense to your brand. It's so important to set yourself apart when you are selling a home! Creating a brand that looks top notch is going to put you ahead of the others! Use today's technology not just to sell, but to make a lasting statement of your personal brand.

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should be using video marketing when you list your home! 

1. Video marketing engages the senses. They see it, they hear it, they feel it with sight, sound, and emotion. Photography alone is limited to sight. Video marketing takes the emotional connection to a whole new level. If you stimulate more than one sensory, buyers are more likely to remember what they are seeing, and your home is going to stand out from the competition. 

2. High-end video marketing influences buyers to feel that your home is special. Why does your home include high-end professional video while the home down the street does not? There must be something special about your home that makes it video worthy! It’s the oldest trick in the book, and it still works. Buyers want the home that everyone else wants, and videos make your home feel that much more desirable. 

3. We live in a digital world. Life is moving at warp speed, and people do not have time! Buyers want to see as much as they can with the least amount of effort. Video marketing shows buyers different perspectives that you just can’t see with photos alone. And they can do this all from the comfort of their own home, on their own time. Which generally is in the evening, on their laptop, it their pajamas! Which also means they are generally more relaxed, and in a better frame of mind which results in a positive experience viewing your home online. And now that they love it so much, they’re willing to rush out and take a look at it before it’s sold.


And that’s the secret! Videos entice buyers to want to see your home before they’ve even been there! This creates a rush of buyers interested in your home during the most precious marketing technique time you have, which is week one. And if you get offers in week one you're more likely to get a higher price. Isn’t that what marketing  is all about—top dollar! But not all video marketing is created equal. That’s why you need to hire a top notch agent who includes professional video marketing, and understands the importance of it.