Best Vegan Restaurant In Seattle


How amazing would it be if you could go to a restaurant and enjoy your evening without the hassle of looking at a menu and deciding to order? And what if that experience was not only sustainable and environmentally conscious, but also completely vegan? This is the amazing dinner experience that you can have at Harvest Beat. Located in the Wallingford district of Seattle, this small business provides a unique eating experience. 


Harvest Beat is here to provide an eating experience that is also going to extreme lengths to be aware of the environment from their dishes to their kitchen. 

“We are earnestly trying to keep our carbon footprint as light as possible. Some of the ways we’re doing this include using eco-friendly paint inside and out of the restaurant, using beach wood for our bar, using a recycled bar top, organic hand sewn cloth napkins, etc. We are composting all of our food scraps and growing some of our food in our garden. Our coffee (from Pangaea Roasters) is walked over to us in glass containers, eliminating all transportation waste.”


From the moment you walk in to when you finish your desert course, the service and the atmosphere is relaxing, friendly, and community driven. Harvest Beat’s menu is inspired by the change of the seasons. 

“By changing the menu so often, our chef is able to create food that is intuitive and inspired. Creating as little waste as possible. By offering a prix-fixe menu that respects food of the moment, we are eliminating the need to stock, and most likely waste, food that may not be ordered.”

At Harvest Beat, guests can arrive thirty minutes early to enjoy drinks before the official dinner commences. It is such a unique experience to have a restaurant feel, but be seated and served the same meal at the same time. This dining style provides an amazing community atmosphere between the guests as they are all enjoying the same meal together. The dinner begins with a ringing of the gong, and a quick explanation of the meal, and a moment of gratitude toward the farmers that have contributed to the meal. The meal is served in a five course style with a completely seasonal array of foods. Along with each dish, there is the option to choose either an alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage pairing that has been carefully selected with each dish. 


This 1.5-2 hour experience is filled with artistic plates and unique flavors. We love that Harvest beat uses local organically grown ingredients. It is so important to support local farmers, and the way that Harvest Beat focuses on respecting the earth while showing gratitude for the community and local growers is so inspiring. A restaurant that practices what it preaches so flawlessly makes the whole dinner experience that much more incredible. 

We love that Harvest Beat can be enjoyed by anyone from meat eaters to children. This community building experience is such a fantastic experience over all and we are so glad that it’s in our own backyard, Seattle! Make your reservations today and enjoy this unique dinner full of creativity, sustainability, and delicious flavors.