Where to Shop Organically in Kent




Shopping completely organic and healthy can be easy in Seattle, but when it comes to finding locations in South King County, there are fewer options. Luckily, there are health foods stores that are dedicated to organic and healthy living in the Southend!  One of our favorites is Nature’s Market in Kent. 


Nature’s Market is unique because it not only brings organic, natural foods to Kent, but it also has been family owned for 41 years! The small and intimate atmosphere helps its customers feel comfortable and well taken care of. From their top quality supplements, organic produce, cosmetics and cleaning supplies, and even the amazing juice bar, you’ll find everything that you need without having to go to a big chain grocery store! Offering over 30,000 products, they really do have it all! We love to shop local, and shopping local organics are even better.

“When you add organic produce, dairy, frozen food, beer and wine, and hundreds of items for special diets, Nature’s Market becomes your one stop shopping spot.”

You know you will be given the best possible service and advice when you go to Nature’s Market. The owner, Sally, puts all of the employees through an extensive training process. They really go out of their way to make sure that you have the best possible experience. If they don’t have something that you’re looking for, they will even special order it for you.


Their fresh pressed juice is another reason to stop by Nature’s Market! Their nutrient packed juices, delicious smoothies, and the daily hot soup is such a fantastic way to get some of that organic health on the go, or enjoy a fresh treat during your shopping experience!  

Nature’s Market is also a fantastic place to shop if you are gluten free, or have other special dietary needs. They carry the largest selection of gluten free foods! They carry a wide selections of alternatives to things like pastas, chips, or grains.

Come check out Nature’s Market today and find out why the South End loves this store so much!