With a targeted marketing plan and a strong negotiator on your side, your home can sell for thousands, even tens of thousands more than a home that is not marketed skillfully or has an agent with inferior negotiating skills. 

We provide a multi-faceted plan geared to target the right buyers in as short of time possible.  We strategically analyze the details about your home and the most likely demographic it will attract. We then create a powerful marketing plan tailored just for you. 

We include this with EVERY listing: 

  • Strategy - Meeting with a stylist, ad copyist, and our team to collaborate on how we can highlight and market your home to show its best. 

  • Lifestyle features - Selling a home is not just about selling real estate. It's also about the location and lifestyle. We analyze the lifestyle each home will attract and then go to work advertising that! 

  • Staging - Professional staging plan to showcase your homes best features. 

  • Photography - Professional HDR photography producing magazine-worthy results. 

  • Drone & Video - Multiple high end video marketing campaigns highlighting area, amenities, home walk-through, and hosted TV-style feature videos. 

  • Target Marketing - We hire a professional marketing company that analyzes each marketing campaign and launches new campaigns each week targeting buyers and demographics designed to sell your home quickly. 

  • Professional Ad Copy - ad copyist that walks through your home to create a customized copy highlighting your unique home.

  • Professional print media - Colorful 4-page brochures, detailed walk through sheets, and specialty note cards highlighting all the features of your home

Negotiations: Of course, marketing is only half the battle and in order to receive the maximum dollar, you also need an agent that is skilled in negotiating and navigating the 20 people and 40 steps that take place after you receive an offer.  This includes having the knowledge and skill to overcome low appraisals, financing issues, inspection/repair items, and much more.  This part of the transaction is often overlooked when an owner is interviewing agents.  In reality, this often plays a larger role in the seller walking away with the least stress and most money.  This is Alise’s favorite part of the process and it's exciting for her to exceed both her clients and the current market expectations.


Beautiful HDR Photography